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17th + Racine

Posted in Tales of the 262 on November 13, 2012 by treasuresofthe262

What was once the center of Racine Street’s industrial corridor is now home to abandoned industrial complexes, derelict buildings and urban blight.

But despite the devastating conditions, the city as well as its residents continue to repair, renovate and rebuild collapsing and burned out structures, year after year.

No matter how many times a building burns, this cycle tends to continue, until the structure no longer resembles the one that originally stood there.

But somewhere underneath the ugly aluminum siding, boarded windows and paint remains a 150-year-old piece of the city’s history. The building at 17th & Racine is no different.

The corner of 17th & Racine St continues to deteriorate as even the pavement begins to decay and expose remnants of the brick that once covered every block of the city.